Why Am I Doing This?

Posted on 20. Sep, 2010 by in My Progress

It is Monday, September 20th. I have no desire at all to learn anything new about Internet Business. I have no desire to read anything or even check my Twitter updates. I am tired of thinking so hard and tired of trying to create something from nothing.

I am questioning whether I have the capacity to do this type of business. Am I trying to be something that is just not me? Other people can do it but it is not my personality. It is not my natural bent. It is not who I am and so I will never be good at it.

I believe people are wired to be really good at only a limited amount of things. No one can be great at everything. I accept that. I have found something in my day job that I truly believe I am naturally gifted in. I believe I do it better than most. But, unfortunately, it is in an industry that is non-scalable. I won’t be able to make any passive income from this industry. It’s like a brain surgeon trying to create passive income out of his skilled hands. He sort of has to be there to actually DO the brain surgery. He can’t phone that it. He has to be there and so is limited in his income potential. Welcome to my world.

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