Traffic Generation—Posting Comments On Other Blogs

Posted on 26. Aug, 2010 by in My Progress

Since No More Dollars For Hours is about being painfully honest I’m going to go ahead and post this idea, even though I recognize that I am pretty embarrassed to own this.

Today I was listening to the Internet Business Mastery podcast episode 98 with Ron Davis. In the episode he was talking about how he ended up getting a ton of traffic to his site because he posted a comment on someone else’s blog posting.

Now, I know all the experienced bloggers out there already know this, and I had heard it before, but for some reason, it seemed to sink in this time.

As I am trying to put myself out there and create conversations and community a natural and easy method of doing this is to comment on what other people are doing. I know that I read a lot of the comments on Pat Flynn’s blog but for some reason I’ve always been hesitant to interact. I’ve always done “distance learning” where I keep myself at a distance to learn stuff.

So… today I’m going to go spend some time visiting other people’s blogs and, if something resonates with me I’ll interact and leave a comment.

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