“Those Who Don’t Do, Teach”

Posted on 05. Sep, 2010 by in My Progress

Right now I am a little tired and frustrated reading about passive income. I think I’m in a little bit of analysis paralysis at the moment. I seem to just be reading random stuff looking for that “magic inspiration” but nothing is coming.

Actually, I’m not sure what I’m looking for

I know that I want to do business differently. I know that I don’t want to keep trading dollars for hours. I know that it is possible to do things differently. But it feels like I’m missing something. What the heck is it?

I know, I know. “There is no magic formula.” “It takes hard work and lots of effort to make things happen.” “I know that I have to find something that will work for me.” But I’m not finding it at the moment.

I know that I am hung up on finding my passion—my Muse. I have what seems to be lots of information and expertise in areas that no one is willing to pay for. A fat lot of good that does me.

“Those Who Don’t Do, Teach”

It seems that there are tons (and I mean A LOT) of blogs out there on passive income. But it seems pretty hard to determine which ones are actually DOING passive income or just TALKING about passive income.

I think that is why I like my top three—Pat Flynn, Yaro Starak, and Internet Business Mastery. They have a proven track record and actually produce good, measurable stuff.

Chasing After The Wrong Stuff

I think I am trying too hard. I’m chasing after the lifestyle, or the money, or the attitude, or something, but I’m not focusing on what comes out of me naturally and then learning how to monitize that. Passion first, then business.

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  1. Simon

    18. Sep, 2010

    Don’t despair! Keep on trying. Maybe bounce your ideas off a few people and get some extra sauce and motivation

    Success is just one effort away


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