They Said It Would Happen To Me—And It Did

Posted on 11. Oct, 2010 by in My Progress

Don’t you hate it when you hear the old, “Just wait till it happens to you because it happens to everyone” line? Whenever I hear it there is this piece inside of me that says, “Oh yeah? I’m going to be different.” Well, just to let you know, its crap. Despite my best efforts, I ran smack dab into one of the common pit falls of blogging and passive income.

I forgot to write posts.

Now, I didn’t really FORGET. I just got too busy with the other 42 other emergencies in my life and blogging got pushed to the back burner. All of these emergencies are the same “emergencies” I deal with on a weekly basis, they just seemed to distract me a little more these past few weeks.

Finding The Fire In My Belly

For some reason, the “passion” or sense of urgency has disapatted as of late. I’m not sure why. Now, instead of everything feeling all exciting and new, the shinnyness has worn off and now its more like hard work. And hard work isn’t nearly as fun as exciting and new. But work I must.

Here’s What I Need To Do

  • I need to get some article created so I can drive some SEO juice to my audio book site. (It is for a VERY specific niche but for those who are interested in it, here it is
  • I need to figure out what topics I want to start creating content for on another project
  • I need to regularly post new podcast episodes for my current job.

I’m going to stick with just those three things before trying to tackle anything else. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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