Rebranding The Rubber band

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I didn’t think it was possible, but someone has figured out how to breathe new life into the most basic of office tools—the rubber band.

I have 4 kids, two of which are still in elementary school. Lately, they have been coming home with these new things called Silly Bandz. They are animal shaped  (or car shaped, or super hero shaped, or whatever-you-can-imagine-shaped) rubber bands that act like regular rubber bands when stretched, but return to their cool new shape when not in use.

I admit, I think they’re pretty cool. They are one of those “Dang, I wish I would have thought of that” type of cool thing for me. But I’ve noticed they have become much more than just funny shaped rubber bands for my children.

The New Social Currency

When kids are in school, they need things in common with other kids that will help build friendships and create community. My older kids used Poke´mon cards. Older generations traded baseball cards. All of these things are used to build connections to other people through a common task or shared experience.

Silly Bandz are not just rubber bands anymore. They are being traded like currency on the Stock Exchange. “I’ll give you two elephants and a palm tree for your Superman logo.” Kids are working hard to be THAT kid who has the most Silly Bandz, or the coolest Silly Bandz, or the go-to guy who is the distributor of all things Silly Bandz.

What I Have Learned From Silly Bandz

As a newbie to Internet Business I am looking for that Uber-special thing that will work for me. I want it to be life-changing and perfect. I want it to be special. I want it to say something about me. But I’m having a hard time finding just what that thing is.

Now, here comes some guy and he says, “Hey, rubber bands are boring. I think I’ll do something different with the most basic of things” and he starts a new social revolution among kids and adolescents.

I’m going to stop looking for the magic bullet and see how I can improve my everyday life with the things that I have. Now, just how do I open my eyes to see differently?

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