Pat Flynn’s Pretty Good Podcast

Posted on 30. Sep, 2010 by in My Progress, Tools & Resources

Pat Flynn’s latest podcast Six Hurdles I Encountered When Starting An Online Business has some gold nuggets in it that every newbie (like me) should listen too. I’m not going to try and recap the podcast. You need to listen to it for yourself. But, I do want to tag one specific thing he talked about.

DIY vs. VA’s

One of the things that has held me back (so I think) is my propensity to want to do everything myself. I don’t really think I’m a control freak but maybe I am. I just want things to look just so and be just right and apparently, I’m the only person in the universe that can make that happen.

In reality, what I think is happening is the need for me to wrestle with each step of the process and learn how things work from the inside out. I’ve always been that kid that took apart stuff because I wanted to learn how it worked. I’ve never taken a formal class for anything technology related but I think I have a decent working knowledge of lots of techies stuff. Yeah, its taken me 10 times as long to learn it, but for me, I think I need to take that journey. Its how I learn best.

It was reassuring to hear that Pat also took way too much time figuring out how all this stuff worked out as well. Its nice to see that great minds think alike. Thanks Pat.

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  1. Jack

    30. Sep, 2010

    The main problem I have with VAs is just a general problem. Sometimes it takes me more time to define and refine my requirements than it’s worth to have someone do it all for me. By that point, I often could have done it myself.

    That’s not to say a VA is no help whatsoever. Obviously, for task work it is always good to have another person helping you out with repetitive stuff.

    Programmers-for-hire are also fairly useful if you’re not very technical. For me, I have a background in programming, so I rarely need that kind of help.

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