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I’m not exactly sure how I first came across Pat Flynn. If I were to guess, I think Yaro Starak’s Entrepreneur’s Journey did an interview with Pat, but don’t quote me on that. Either way, I’m very glad that I came across his blog.

How To Write An E-Book

The first thing that grabbed my attention was Pat’s blog post on How To Write An E-book. (This was in the days before he created an E-book telling you how to write an E-book.) Pat’s step by step description made it very easy to know the different steps that went into creating one of the staples of information marketing.

I found the blog posts so helpful that I copied every one of them—I think there were 10 posts or something like that—and put them all into a Google Document so I wouldn’t loose them. Now, they’re available for Free. All you need to do is go to Pat’s blog and sign up on the right hand side.

Monthly Income Reports

The other thing that took me by surprise was Pat’s monthly income reports. I couldn’t believe that someone would be willing to post how much they made, especially when some of that income is coming from the people who are reading the report. That was like a retailer saying, “I’m selling this widget to you for $10 bucks when I can buy it for $3. Thanks for the $7 bucks.”

For some reason, this transparency built huge amounts of credibility and trust. It felt like he had nothing to hide and was willing to put himself out there.

One of the other things I loved about his income reports was the chance to see how he monitized his blog. Being new to all of this stuff it was very insightful to see that someone can make money with affiliate links, or Ad Words, and not just products being sold.


Pat does great webinars. When he creates a video, he does it like no one else. He uses a Wacom tablet that makes it look like you’re watching a black board so he can visually interact and not just talk with a static title screen.

His use of Photoshoped backgrounds and layouts gives everything a very professional look. He has even done blog posts talking about the way he formats his images to make them more visually appealing. Everything he does seems to be purposeful.

Now The Niches

I’ll admit that Pat did one thing that sort of ticked me off. A couple weeks ago I visited his Income Report For July. In it he talks about his “playing around” with niche sites to see if he can get the hang of it. In his first month he made $162.50 in affiliate money from the site.When I read this I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

I have been learning about niche sites and trying things out and it seems that I couldn’t make any traction. Now, here comes along Pat just “playing around” and he makes $163 bucks. What the hell! HOW?

But, true to form, Pat then decides to get into a niche-building contest and start showing everyone how he is going to build his next site, mistakes and all. Now that is something that I have been following faithfully waiting to see what happens.

What Pat Can Teach You

  1. Pat is a great example of someone who is willing to just try stuff and see what happens. He doesn’t just talk about stuff. He does it and then reports back on it. That one principle alone has inspired me to take steps and try new things.
  2. Pat is professional but not distant. Pat has found the perfect blend of clean, professional branding and down home honesty.
  3. Pat communicates. I’ve sent him several messages, and each time he actually has responded. We’re not best friends—he probably doesn’t even remember my name—but he takes the time talk to other people.

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5 Responses to “Pat Flynn—”

  1. Pat

    31. Aug, 2010

    Hey Paul,

    First of all, what an honor it is to have someone write an entire post about me and what I do. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful feature, and everything you said about me.

    Secondly, I apologize for ticking you off. I didn’t realize when I said “playing around”, that it may have sounded a bit rude or like I wasn’t even trying. It definitely wasn’t like that, and I hope you can tell by this niche site challenge that I do put a lot of hard work into it, hard work that I’m willing to share so others may duplicate my results, if my results are worth duplicating.

    Anyways, you’ve given your audience some great lessons here, and again it’s an honor that they are based off my my principles and what I do.

    Thanks, and all the best to you and your readers. Cheers!

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    • Paul

      01. Sep, 2010

      No offense taken at all. I can’t wait til I can “tick people off” by being able to do some of this online income stuff as “easily” as you. I know it is hard work and I’m learning how to do the right stuff by watching you and other great OLMs (Online Marketers).

      Thanks for one of my first comments, Pat.

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  2. Rob Pene

    31. Aug, 2010

    Yup…Pat is definitely the man!

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  3. Leon Aldrich

    07. Sep, 2010


    Is the gem amongst us rough uncut pieces of coal. I stand as near to him in the blogosphere as possible. His shine appears to transfer to others.

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    • Paul

      07. Sep, 2010

      I’m not sure I could be quite as poetic but you’re right. He’s top-shelf kind of people. Someday I’ll have to meet him in person.

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