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Posted on 26. Sep, 2011 by in My Progress

I’ve said in other places on this site that “Poor people should take rich people out to lunch more often.”

It’s just really nice when the lunch happens to be free.

Blog Development From The Ground Up

I have always wanted to see, in real time, the progress of a blog project from start to finish.

So many of the Internet prophets and gurus spend lots of time talking about how easy it is to start a blog or niche site and be able to monetize it. They tout the benefits of passive income and get others (and me) to buy into their ideas and rhetoric.

But I am a skeptical person, and seeing is always better than believing.

Enter The Million Dollar Blog Project

A couple weeks ago, I came across Think Traffic’s, Million Dollar Blog Project—and I rejoiced.

Because, for the first time, someone, namely Corbett Barr, has decided to show, step-by-step, how to create, grow, and capitalize on a blog that is not about blogging. (BTW, that’s the most commas I’ve ever used in one sentence).

And, not only is he going to show how it’s done, he’s invited ANYONE to do the same thing with him—in real time—and share in the experience.

No charge. No program to buy. No subscription to maintain. Noting for $97 bucks. Just shared experience.

How could I say no?

Progress Journal

One of the “rules” of the Million Dollar Blog Project (by the way, I am unashamedly trying to see if I can rank in the top 5 for the keyword ‘Million Dollar Blog Project’, just to see if I can improve my SEO skills—sorry Corbett)… as I was saying, one of the “rules” is to keep a personal journal and document my progress in developing an income generating sight.

I have had No More Dollars For Hours for a while now to do just that. So, I thought, what better place to keep my journal.

If you are actually reading this site, you’ll see other posts about other influential folks that I have been listening to and consider mentors from afar.

I hope you enjoy getting to know them as well.


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