It’s Way Cool Hearing “Dollars For Hours” On Other Podcasts

Posted on 31. Aug, 2010 by in Random Stuff

Once again, I was listening to Internet Business Mastery (Episode 102) on my way into work when Jay said something that made me smile real big. It wasn’t a tip. It wasn’t a concept. It wasn’t something new to learn. It was only three words.

Dollars For Hours

Jay said the phrase “Dollars for hours” several times in the episode. Why he was talking about it is not important at the moment. The reason I like hearing that phrase is because just recently I purchased the url along with

Hearing Your URL In Other Places

Every time he said Dollars For Hours it made me think, “I might have just bought a great key word.” Here is someone who is getting 1.2 million downloads on his podcast and he’s saying my URL.

Yeah, I know. He’s not saying MY url. He’s not recommending my site or driving traffic to me directly, but he is saying my keyword. He is using a phrase that is popular in the area I’m passionate about. And I have the fortune of owning that keyword’s url now.

Now it will be fun to see what I can do with it.

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