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I came across Sterling and Jay’s podcast over a year ago while mowing my lawn (don’t ask). At the time I knew I wanted to do some sort of passive income but I wasn’t quite ready for what they had to teach. So, I promptly forgot about them and went on my merry way.

Big mistake.

The Podcast

Having rediscovered the Internet Business Mastery podcast, I now listen to it on my way to work and home again, during my free time at home, or anytime I want to get away from the kids for a few minutes.

The Acadmey

The Internet Business Mastery Academy is their subscription teaching program where you can go through 11 or 12 modules that will teach you how to do Internet business. There is also a forum where you can connect to other learners and find the help that you need.

When I joined the Academy, I found the modules to be quite thorough, giving you all the information someone might need when starting a business. There is a lot of audio and video to digest and it takes some time to get through. But it will give you strong foundation to start building on.

Both the podcast and the Academy contain countless ideas and instruction on how to begin an Internet business the right way.

What IS The Right Way?

Here is the right way—at least the right way for me.

I am not a salesman. I’m not pushy. I’m not hit-it-and-quit-it. I’m not a guy who believes in the get-rich-quick rhetoric that is out there. I am someone who wants to do something of quality that impacts a person’s life. For me to stick with something it has to come out of a passion of mine. And that is what they teach.

They don’t start with the “You’ll make a million dollars in a month” speech. They don’t even talk much about Internet business at all. Instead, they try to get you to understand what you want to accomplish with Internet business. They help you create something called your Definite Major Purpose. (Here’s mine if you want to see what one looks like.) This becomes the guiding principles all decisions are filtered through as you make future decisions.

My Evaluation

The Good—Anyone who is wanting to get a solid foundation on Internet business should definitely spend time listening to everything Sterling and Jay have to say.

  • They tell it like it is
  • They aren’t afraid to talk about their mistakes
  • They provide consistent and valuable content
  • They practice what they preach when it comes to Internet business principles

The Not-So-Good—These are the things that I found a little lacking, but by no means are a deal breaker.

  • The forums in the Academy didn’t seem to be as active as I thought they would be which left me a little disappointed.
  • The information is formatted well but, for where I was at in my journey, much of it was repeated from other non IBM programs that I had studied previously (this is more about me and less about IBM).
  • Even though I like some of the personal “chat” at the beginning of each podcast, sometimes it leaves me feeling like, “lets get to the good stuff already”.


If you would like to check out the Internet Business Mastery Academy, this is how to get there. (For full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means if you chose to sign up to the Academy I will get a commission on the sale. If you do sign up, thanks in advance.)

If you want to listen to their podcast, go to The Internet Business Mastery iTunes page. (This is not an affiliate link which is just fine. You’ll still get a lot of great information.)

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