How I Decide Who To Follow On Twitter

Posted on 24. Aug, 2010 by in My Progress

twitter logoI admit I’m new to Twitter. In fact, at the time of this posting, I am following exactly 10 people, 6 people are following me, and I’m on 0 lists. I’m not exactly sure what a list is or what it does. Remember, I’m new to the social media thing so I’m sure I’m going to learn.

Anyways… I’ve been trying to decide who to follow.

As I’ve been looking around, there are several people that were no-brainers for me. They are the ones that I already follow in other mediums. People like Pat Flynn (@patflynn), Jason Van Orden (@jasonvo), and Mark Mason(@masonworld).

Followers=9,774    Following=7

Tonight I decided to follow Seth Godin (@sethgodins). I admit that I have always appreciated Seth Godin’s blog, especially since I read his post on scarcity. So when tonight, I see that almost 10,000 people follow him, he has some important stuff to say. (By the way Seth, I’m follower number 9,774). But who does he follow? Who does Seth look to for inspiration? Who and what does Seth actually care about?

I’m not sure actually because I haven’t looked yet. But chances are, if it looks like any of them have anything good to say I’m probably going to follow them as well. After all, if Seth thinks they’re important enough to watch, then I will probably learn something from them as well.

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