Fear Of Failure Program

What Is The Fear Of Failure Project All About?

Lots of successful people have struggled with the Fear of Failure.

  • What happens if I fail?
  • What will people think of me?
  • Failure will prove that I’m just not good enough.
  • I can’t afford to fail.

This way of thinking has cost me so much in my life that I got fed up and decided I needed to figure out how to overcome this fear.

Failure 101

For the past several years, I have been reading and learning and studying and trying new things in order to get over my own Fear of Failure. Eventually, I felt like I understood it enough and saw enough change in myself that I started teaching a class called Failure 101–Learning How To Fail Successfully. Every time I have taught this class people have asked for a more formalized work book to accompany the material.

Time To Expand

It is my hope to be able to reach more people with what I have been learning and the best way I’ve learned to do that is to create a program made up of audio and video lessons as well as a structured program that anyone can sign up for.

Testers Wanted

Before I release the program to the general public I am looking for approximately 50 people who would be willing to try out the entire program AT NO COST.

If you have ever struggled with the Fear of Failure then this program might be a great resource for you. ONLY THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE WILL BE SELECTED AS A PRODUCT TESTER. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will be selected.

What I Ask In Return

All I would ask is that those who are selected would be willing to give me some active feedback so I can make any changes needed in order to ensure that the program is as good as possible. The feedback may include written questionnaires, audio or video taped interviews, or webinars.

Still Interested?

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please use the form in the right side bar and leave your name and email. As always, your information will protected and only used for this project. Also, you can opt out at any time.

Thanks again for your interest.