Boring Headline Alert—Just Catching Up

Posted on 17. Dec, 2010 by in My Progress

Well, life doesn’t always happen the way you want it to but sometimes its for the better that way. In my pursuit to learn how to make money online I’ve settled down and started to gain some focus. I’ve known that I needed to get more involved in developing community and I think I’ve been doing that better.

I’ve integrated my normal 9-5 job with Facebook, sharing status updates and active links to current blog postings. I’ve increased the traffic to my personal web site by 300% which is pretty good, but not great since I had REALLY small numbers to begin with. But growth is growth and I have to start somewhere.

I’ve found out that I really like Twitter and I’ve also been tweeting links to my blog as well. I’m wanting to make that a little more personal but also professional but I haven’t quite found a good balance there.

I bought a Kodak Zi10 video camera for making HD videos as well as two good dynamic microphones, a small sound board, and all the cords that go along with that stuff so I can make some good quality podcasts. I’ve been recording all of my speaking engagements and posting them as podcasts as well. I really like podcasting and hope to do much more of it.

I still don’t feel like I’ve found my voice quite yet. I’m not sure who I’m talking to and I’m having a hard time just being me, whether that’s in front of a microphone or typing on my blog. But I’m sure I’ll find it soon. I’m very comfortable speaking in front of large groups and I enjoy it a lot. I’m still trying to find that comfort in other mediums.

The last 60 days or so have been a little weird when it comes to online learning stuff. I steppe away from reading most of my normal blogs. I didn’t do much active learning or even trying stuff. Instead, I’ve been developing what I already have to see if I can actually do some of that. It is a HUGE mental shift for me and now it feels like it has become much more comfortable. I noticing that I am getting the itch again to actually DO something online, not just learn about online stuff. Can’t wait to see what happens.

We got hit with some pretty hard news lately so I think I’m going to write a post later today called A $10,000 Bill Is Excellent Motivation To Make Online Income Successful. Be watching for it.

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