About Me

Hey and Welcome!

I’m Paul and I’m a self-proclaimed Newbie to Internet business and passive income.

Actually, I don’t like admitting that I’m a newbie. Its always been easier for me to pretend that I know more than I do. But lately I’ve learned that doing that usually hurt me more than it helped me. So, in the interest of full disclosure I openly admit that I AM A NEWBIE.

How I Pay The Bills Now

Currently, I am self employed and I actually love my job. I know that what I am doing is impacting lives and I don’t have any plans on leaving my job anytime soon. I work in an industry where confidentiality is required and is very important to my clients as well as myself. That’s why I won’t be telling you what my current job is. (Hopefully you understand.)

I am making more money now than I have in any of my previous jobs.  I have some freedom with my time and schedule and I don’t have to work a full 40 hour work week to pay the bills.

Un-scalable Is Bad

The problem is, I work in a profession that is inherently un-scalable. It is the type of job that means I HAVE to work to bring in money and if I lose a few clients, get sick, or want to take a vacation, then I start losing income (the very definition of Dollars For Hours). If I want to make more money, then I have to work more hours—something that I have a limited amount of, or raise my rates. And as capitalism works, I don’t want to price myself out of the market. So… it is time to start learning how to create a passive income.

The Wife and Kids

I have a wonderful wife that I’ve been married to for more than 17 years. She supports me and encourages me to try new things along the way because she knows that I want to become a better husband and father. We have four kids, two of which are teenagers and two still in elementary school. One of my goals is to teach each of them how to be their own Internet business owner someday so they can have more freedom and experiences.

My Financial Journey

This is where you can find out about my financial journey to this point in my life. (I told you I’m working on full self-disclosure)