3 AM Is The Perfect Time To Solve Life’s Problems

Posted on 03. Sep, 2010 by in My Progress

It is 3:36 in the AM right now and I am voraciously typing on my laptop while the rest of the family is sleeping. That’s because I woke up with an idea in my head that I can not get rid of.

I think I might have found my niche… Here’s what I’m thinking.

  • It is a topic I have already prepared lots of material on.
  • It is an active fear for lots and lots of people
  • I have an area of expertise in this area
  • It is something that I am relatively passionate about
  • I have wrestled with this area myself
  • There is a legitimate solution to this that not many people talk about
  • It is highly scalable
  • It has lots of potential for develop and growth in similar areas

I’m just doing some keyword research at the moment and seeing what else it out there in this area. I’ll let you know what turns up.


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