Day One—Actively Facing My Fears

Posted on 23. Aug, 2010 by in My Progress

This morning I was listening to IBM (Internet Business Mastery) podcast on my way into work again. They were doing an interview with Maren Kate. The question came up again, “What are some of your fears.”

Well, this whole NMDFH thing is my attempt to overcome my fears.

My Fears

  • I do not like to put myself out there.
  • I don’t like to call attention to myself.
  • I don’t want to be seen as self centered.

The Consequences

Since I rarely like to call attention to myself I have had a hard time getting behind the whole social media thing.

  • Why in the world would I want to post what I am doing in a Facebook status update?
  • What is the point of Twitter if my goal is to be private?

The idea of being seen—of calling attention to myself—is my biggest fear. And its one of those things that will definitely get in the way of Internet Marketing.

Creating A Community

The strange thing is, I believe in community. I teach about community. I want to live in community. But I have been scared to participate in community.

So, welcome my number one focus for the next however-many-days-or-months. I want to get comfortable building a community. I want to practice putting myself out there. I want to change not only my business practices but also myself. I want to become a better person at the end of all of this.

We’ll see what happens.


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